• Day-Old Chicks Breeding with the Latest Hatchery Technology.

    We produce day-old chicks by receiving hatched eggs from our breeder farms for hatchery operation using advance hatchery technology, the single stage hatchery. This will ensure that chicks are perfectly hatched, and are strong and hygienic. We supply day-old chicks to the company's broiler farms and contract farms for feeding until they become broilers.

  • Broiler Farms of SunGroup.

    We nurture broilers before supplying them to our slaughterhouse for producing processed chicken products.

  • Fresh Chicken and Processed Chicken Products.

    We deliver fresh chicken, processed chicken, and ready-to-cook products (chilled and frozen) for domestic markets. Broiler chickens are supplied by both the company's broiler farms and contracted farms to produce fresh chicken and processed chicken products under the international processing standards. Our company is committed to comply with standard regulations to deliver our valuable products to consumers and relevant parties.

  • GOSUN and KINSUN Brands.

    We particularly select premium quality materials equivalent to the export standards for producing both ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat chicken food products and distribute to our consumers under GOSUN and KINSUN brands.

SunGroup of Company operates fully-integrated poultry businesses . The companies consist of animal feed mill factory, breeder farms, hatchery operation, broiler farms, contract farms as well as own broiler farm , producing fresh chicken meat for slaughter house , cooked products manufacturer for local and export markets .

Nowadays, customer is more focus about Health, so Food Safety is the one of important factor in our product to make us competitive in world market. We realize how important of Food safety and high quality of food production which is our responsibility for customer. Our production system was guaranteed by ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14000, SQF 2000, GMP, HACCP and HALAL.

Value food selection Served the customer needs Develop product for all market Operated with International standard Improved employee potential to be happy workplace
Vision To be Valued Food Provider
Culture We’re family Work as team Be Flexible Be active Be healthy
Value Be moral and smart Be discipline Satisfy related people Heading to the perfect way