Sun Food International Co.,Ltd

There’re 3 part of Sun Food.

1.   Parent stock
Farm for parent chicken, which will produce eggs to supply for hatchery operation. We brought parent chick (specie: ROSS 308) then breed in evaporative cooling system in clean and strictly protects bacteria and animal disease. Be monitored by Thailand’s DLD.

2.  Hatchery operation

Produce Day old chicks by received the eggs from parent stock in suitable condition. The eggs were hatched by modern technology as single stage to get the healthy chicken and send to broiler farm.

3.  Slaughter house

Produce fresh meat, cooked product for export market and ready-to-cooked (chilled and frozen) for domestic market. Big birds are from Company’s farms and contract farms then pass through slaughting process which have standard and follow the regulation. To provide value for customer and other related people.

- Head office :     1/97-98 Phaholyothin soi 40, Senanikom, Jathujak, Bangkok.
- Farm 1 :   93 moo.1 Salangpun, Wangmuang, Saraburi 18220
- Farm 2 :    20 moo.2 Salangpun, Wangmuang, Saraburi 18220
- First operation :    Jan 13, 1995
- Product :    Chilled, Frozen chicken meat and Chicken products
- Farm 1’s area :   259 Rai
- Farm 2’s area :    261 Rai
- Product :   Egg
- Hatchery operation : :  75 moo. 6 Salangpun, Wangmuang, Saraburi 18220
- First operation :    Jan 13, 1995
- Area :    208 Rai
- Product :   Day Old Chick