Sun Feed Co.,Ltd

      Sun Feed Co., Ltd. is the first established subsidiary of Sun Group operating since 1991. We produce and distribute animal feeds to our broiler farms, distributors and directly to farmers.We manufacture animal feeds as concentrate and complete feed.

    We pay close attention to every step of the feed production in order to serve high-quality feed for our chickens. We carefully select the raw ingredients and send to production which is monitored by computer system with quality control in each step. Our animal feed team researches, develops and controls feed quality and nutrition to ensure that the feeds are optimal for animal growth.

     The main raw materials that we use are soybean meal, corn, minerals and vitamins including amino acids which are necessary and suitable following animal nutrition guidelines. In addition, we blend in special-formulated herbs which have supporting data to enhance the immune system of animals; therefore, our feed is 100% antibiotic-free.

Animal Feeds that Sun Feed produces :

Sun Feed is quality assured by ISO 9001, ISO 17025, GMP, HACCP, and ALO.