Sun Food International Co.,Ltd

Sun Food International Co., Ltd. is another subsidiary of Sun Group operating since 1995.
There’are 3 parts of Sun Food.

1.   Parental stock farms
The parental stock farms produce eggs supply for the hatchery operation. We breed parental chick breed in evaporative cooling system that is cleaned and strictly controlled for animal pathogens. It is monitored and certified by Thailand’s Department of Livestock Development (DLD).

2.  Hatchery operation

We produce day-old chicks by receiving hatched eggs from our parental stock farms for hatchery operation using advance hatchery technology, the single-stage hatchery. This will ensure that chicks are perfectly hatched, and are healthy and hygienic. In addition, we are the first manufacturer in Thailand to vaccinate our chickens in ovo. We then supply our day-old chicks to the company's broiler farms and contract farms for nurturing until they become broilers.

3.  Slaughter house

We produce fresh meat, marinated, and cooked products for the domestic and international market. Our premium broilers are raised from the company’s farms and contract farms then pass through the slaughterhouse which is certified by Thailand’s Department of Livestock, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, GMP, HACCP, BRC, ALO and HALAL.